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"How A Broke Corporate Loser Discovered A Simple System To Make $336,278.92 Online In Only 3 Months...And How You Can Too!"


Hi, my name is Ewen Chia and thanks for visiting!

You can find out more about me here.


On this page, I'm going to share with you one of the easiest secrets I've discovered for making lots of money online...


Which you can copy and profit from TODAY.


First, I need you to know that whatever I'll share with you here comes sincerely from my heart and is honest with no B.S. (You're smarter than that).


This is because I understand what you are probably going through right now, struggling with this "online business thing", as I've been through it all before.


This Is My Personal Story...


Like many people, I wasn't born with a silver spoon. I grew up poor but learned to work hard and eventually graduated from university.


Getting into the corporate world next became a big challenge and culture shock.


With mounting bills to pay, a low salary and bad money management, I became a burned out, deep in debt and broke corporate employee.


Worse thing was, I didn't know how to socialize or make my bosses happy, so I wasn't successful in climbing the career ladder or going anywhere.


I was just a stupid, hard-working employee with no recognition or future...


What You Would Call A "Corporate Loser".


Here's a photo of me when I was in that 9-to-5 "J.O.B":

Looking for better income and brighter prospects, I got on the internet in 1997 to learn all about "making money online"...


And it became a nightmare that lasted 5 full years!


It was so confusing and I was struggling every day, making hundreds of products that didn't helped me and making thousands of mistakes along the way.


In 5 years of learning and trying everything, I didn't make a single dollar.


...Instead I got deeper and deeper into debts.


Things finally turned around in 2002 when out of desperation, I developed a simple system that made me my first ever sale for $10!


I was ecstatic as it proved this whole internet money-making thing was REAL.

Since then, I've Made Over $30+ Million Dollars Online And Became Recognized As An Internet Business Pioneer, #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker And Trainer...

Over the years I've continually tested and improved the simple system I had developed and today it's 100% proven, even for complete beginners.

I Call This The "Mega Profits System" And I'll Reveal It To You, Right On This Page...

This simple and proven money-making system is the answer to changing your life and achieving financial success.


I've spent years to perfect it and make it easy so even complete beginners can get results fast.


In fact, I recently tested this system with a brand new product and in a very short time, it generated insane mega profits of...



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I'll Teach You The ENTIRE SYSTEM Today...

Nothing will be held back or hidden as I prefer to be totally transparent.


So are you ready to take action to change your life?


Introducing the...

"Mega Profits System" That You Can Instantly Clone For Your Own Internet Income, Starting Today!

Here's how the system looks like:


Lead Capture Funnel + Automated Emails +
Laser Targeted Traffic + High Ticket Offer*
Money In Your Account!


Looks complicated? Don't worry, I'll explain everything to you. The best part is...


This whole system can be automated and running on it's own after you set it up one time.


You will actually make money "automatically" because the system does ALL the work for you.


Lets Breakdown The Parts Of The System...




This is always the start of the system as the smartest way to build your business is to first capture leads into your "funnel".


This allows you to constantly communicate with your niche, to help them and profit from product suitable recommendations.


It also lets you build your own email database online for long-term success and to make more sales through follow-up email marketing. Plus this process can be completely automated!


Here's an example of how a typical Mega Profits System's Lead Capture Funnel looks like:



The lead capture page allows your visitors to enter their emails if they want more information about the topic on the page. It builds your email database.


After your visitors opt-in and become subscribers, you show them a secret presell page that creates massive trust, relationship and huge conversions.


I've perfected a strategy to get maximum conversions on the presell page so if you use mine, you will make A LOT of money!


This page is where you will also recommend a product solution to help solve their problems. For here, your subscribers can click links to the product sales page.


That's how the funnel works in general, but of course there can be a lot of "secret ingredients" added into it so that it generate millions of dollars in revenue automatically.


Here's an example of one of my top-converting lead capture pages:



So this is the first part of the system - having a Lead Capture Funnel that works like crazy to build your list, relationship and sales 24 hours a day on its own!




The econd part of the system is to AUTOMATE YOUR MARKETING by writing an effective follow-up email campaign and adding it to your funnel.



This lets you follow-up with your subscribers in your database (the ones who opted in from your lead capture page) continuously and automatically, long after they leave your site.


The automated emails will educate, help and further recommend the product on your secret presell page to your subscribers, further increasing your sales and income on autopilot.


You can also recommend other products to help them, making you more money in the long-term.


Your email campaign is typically 5-10 emails pre-saved and set at intervals in the system, but it can be more emails, depending upon your preference.




Once your lead capture funnel and automated emails are set up, you don't have to do it again. It's already running on its own on autopilot...


Every new subscriber will see your secret presell page, product page and receive the email campaign you had written and saved up...all done automatically.


Next, you only have to focus on the third part of the system - sending laser targeted traffic to your lead capture page regularly!



Laser targeted traffic is defined as visitors who are extremely interested in your offer, meaning they are very qualified and "hot" traffic.


These are the visitors who will opt-in to your lead capture page, go through your secret presell page, read all your emails and most importantly, make you sales!


You can either use free or paid traffic strategies to generate all these visitors.


I'll even teach you all my secret "tricks" to get them.


The more traffic you send, the bigger your database and the more your income will grow.


Next, if you implement the "secret sauce of the system" in part #4 below, you'll start seeing MEGA PROFITS in your bank account consistently!




This is the BIG SECRET and ULTIMATE SECRET SAUCE of the entire system and what makes it work to earn you mega profits every day online.


Truth is, you need a high ticket offer to become wealthy. Period.


What a high ticket offer provides you with is BIG money because the earnings (commissions) are in the thousands of dollars per sale...



Here is the BIG SECRET to making BIG bucks online...


You Will NOT Get Rich Promoting Low-Paying Products, Instead You Need To Focus On Just HIGH TICKET Offers That Pay You $1,000s Of Dollars Per Sale!


That's how I'm able to make $336,278.92 in just a few months.


Think about what I just said and let that sink into your head (it took me YEARS to realize it).


Understanding this simple concept will make a HUGE difference to your business and income.


Ask yourself...


"Would I rather make $10 or $1,000s per sale, with the exact same effort?"


The answer is obvious, right?


In fact, if you want to do anything at all, you might as well do it BIG.


(To learn more about high ticket earnings, here's a video by my friend, Matt, teaching about "The Art And Science Of Making High Commissions Online". Watch it if you've the time, it's over an hour.)


The high ticket offer I personally use to make $336,278.92 is called MOBE, which stands for "My Own Business Education".


Believe me, I've tried MANY other programs before but they didn't work well as well.


You can also go to any of their "Internet Marketing Freedom" free live events to learn more, just register here and attend it.


However when I started with MOBE, like many people, I was skeptical due to misinformation.


So I made sure I did proper research (took me 2 years).


I even attended their events and got to know the founder, Matt Lloyd, personally before deciding on it. Here's a photo of Matt and me:

From all my research and questions, I found out that MOBE is a real company, providing quality marketing education, masterminds and events that truly deliver the goods.


Once I joined and followed their training, I started making real high ticket income regularly:

This was a "revelation" for me as I previously only focused on low ticket products and although I've made millions online, it took me years to do it with a lot of effort and work!


With MOBE, I'm making 100X more income, at a much faster rate, with lesser effort - and you can too.


Most importantly, it wasn't just me...


Thousands Of Ordinary "Non Guru" People In Over 37 Countries Are Making Life-Changing Income With MOBE!


Here are just some examples...

Here's a very inspiring post on Facebook by a student just this morning, about how MOBE has changed her life!


There are also MANY more real success stories which you can see here and get inspired.


Ordinary people, who are beginners and not experts, are making full-time income online of $30,000+ a month, $70,000+ a month, $100,000+ a month...


And even $200,000+ a month.


So not only is MOBE a quality program that really works, it is EXTREMELY profitable.


They had already paid out over $100 MILLION commissions to people from 37 countries.


You can make UNLIMITED high ticket income automatically, without ever talking to anyone or leaving your house. In fact...


MOBE gives you a simple 21-step training program that guides you to making $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and even $10,000 per sale every day, paid direct into YOUR bank account. Plus you also an online sales system, 1-on-1 private personal coach and more to help you every step of the way...

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Best part is, you don't even need to do any selling as MOBE does all the selling FOR YOU so you don't have to do any of it.


They even give you $500 cash if you don't make at least $1,000 in the next 30 days. Very cool.

Watch My Personal Video About How MOBE Can Hand You The Income, Lifestyle You've Always Dream Of And Even A FREE CAR!

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Not Only Do You Get A Free Car...MOBE Gives You FREE VACATIONS Whenever You Want!

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So There You Have It...


One of the best companies out there that pays amazingly well and delivers quality education.


Combine it with the Mega Profits System and you'll start to really make the big money online automatically, plus get lots of other "perks".


To summarize, the Mega Profits System MUST have all these parts to make it successful...


Lead Capture Funnel + Automated Emails +
Laser Targeted Traffic + High Ticket Offer*


Now that you've got the "secret system" can quit your J.O.B. just like I did!


I'm excited and happy for you. I really am.


Take action on what you learned here as it works 100%.


Now you can either do everything yourself or...


How Would YOU Like To "CLONE" My Entire Mega Profits System For Yourself And Have EVERYTHING SET UP FOR YOU To Make High Ticket Income Of $1,000s Per Sale...For FREE?


If you would like that, then you're in luck today...


Because I'm going to do this just for the next 20 *7* people.


As you can tell, it does take A LOT of personal experience, expertise and manual work to set up an entire Mega Profits I really can't do it for too many people.


The price for getting a COMPLETE Mega Profits System created and set up for you, ready to make you big money every day, is a $10,000.00 investment and worth every cent.

(I do sell this exclusive system for $10,000.00 and you can also buy it here.)


But because I'm looking to help some people to become very successful this year...


For the next 20 *7* people only, you can:


Get Your Own LIFETIME Mega Profits System Fully Created And Set Up For You For Just $10,000.00 FREE!


Yes, you get EVERYTHING I talk about below...






We'll build your COMPLETE lead capture funnel for you...


My marketing funnels are proven to convert and make millions of dollars and this will too. You get all these...

  • Your own custom Lead Capture Funnel completely DONE FOR YOU - design, creation, set up and more - no more technical headaches!

  • Includes Lead Capture Page + My Secret Presell Page + Product Recommendations

  • Funnel is fully branded to YOUR NAME and PHOTO (optional) so that you're building YOUR business.

  • YOUR OWN LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS so you can make long-term big income

  • HIGH TICKET INCOME + Clickbank commissions (up to $477 per customer) built into the funnel and you make money automatically

  • You own this funnel 100% FOR LIFE!





I'll WRITE ALL YOUR MONEY-MAKING EMAILS and add them into your system FOR that you profit on autopilot.


Emails are fully customized and branded to your name,


With this, your marketing is completely automated!





You also get my step-by-step traffic training containing my BEST traffic methods and top secret traffic sources.


You can get thousands of laser targeted traffic every day to your lead capture page which then builds your list and income.

This is an in-house exclusive traffic training that is not available elsewhere. I use this to train my staff so it's good stuff.


All you do is just copy these methods for unlimited traffic!





On top of everything else, you get full support and help WHENEVER you need it.


This is priceless as there's finally someone you can turn to.


We'll help and guide you to starting your own successful online business and making massive high ticket income step-by-step...


We're with you every step of the way!




The entire Mega Profits System belongs fully to you 100% for life, with all money you make going direct into YOUR bank account.


All that's left for you is simply to activate your ULTIMATE SECRET SAUCE for the system that I talked about earlier, so that you can start making high ticket income automatically...


Based on personal results and experience, I highly suggest you invest in MOBE.


Remember, I've already made over $336,278.92 with it.


In fact, the system JUST made me $10,416.64 in ONE DAY as I'm writing this, and you'll have the same system!



And because you're copying everything I personally do, it's already 100% proven...


Secure Your FREE MEGA PROFITS SYSTEM Now (20 *7* Left And This Will Never Be Repeated Again)


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Here's What You Do Right Now...


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This allows you to activate your high ticket income in the system, plus you get lots of other perks:


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IMPORTANT: To get your FREE Mega Profits System, your sale must be credited to me. So clear your computer cookies first in case you've clicked on another person's link before. If you've bought MOBE before from someone else, use a different email address to join.


STEP #2: Forward Your Receipt To Me Now


Once you've purchased Lifestyle Laptop System from the link above, check your email for your receipt and forward it with the subject line "MPS MOBE Bonus" to now.


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Looking forward to making you successful,



















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